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Small Church Ministry isn’t LESS, but it is DIFFERENT.

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If you need volunteers and you're wondering what to do next, you're not alone.

Feeling a little beat up or burnt out?

Tired of trying ideas that don’t work?

Wondering where to go for some help?

We've got you covered!

You don't need to go it alone anymore.


I'm Laurie!

I’ve done kids’ ministry, youth ministry, worship, all-church events, women’s, fundraisers, and lots more – and I know I’m not alone. This is life in small churches!

… but burnout, failed events, and frustration? NOPE! That does NOT need to be part of your story.

Learn how to do small church better with lots more joy and greater impact too. Jesus meant it when He said, “My yoke is easy and my burden is light.”

We make it harder when we try to duplicate what’s happening in the big church next door. The truth is small church ministry isn’t LESS, but it is DIFFERENT.

Join our community of 7000+ people in small churches all over the world committed to doing small church better. Find more joy and breathe a little easier with some people who get it!

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A website full of resources written by small churches for small churches. Discover solutions for finding and working with volunteers, children’s ministry, youth, mentoring, women’s ministry, communications, media, worship, events, and more.


Online Conferences

FREE conferences produced by small churches for small churches. 4x a year dive deeper into community and strategies that work in small churches. No more going to conferences that don’t get smaller numbers and smaller budgets!



Individual support and training to level-up your confidence and ministry skills to help empower your small church – including recruiting volunteers, time management, public speaking, planning events, digital skills, & more in The Small Church Academy.

Let someone pour into you for a change!

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We represent a growing list of Christian churches and denominations from all over the globe. For our statement of beliefs and to learn more, click here: What We Believe.

Nope! We have resources for volunteers, Sunday School teachers, deacons, nursery workers, pastors, office managers, and more. If you’re in a small church, whether occasional volunteer or paid staff, we’re here for you. 

No. We are a for-profit ministry. Our goal is to be a self-sustaining ministry. We have paid resources and programs along with the free stuff.

Click here to check out our Guest Blogging Guidelines. We are always looking for great articles written by people in small churches for small churches.

Mostly through our community and referrals. If you’re interested in speaking or know someone who is, watch the Facebook community and weekly emails for our open calls for speakers. I highly encourage you to become part of our community if you’re interested in speaking. We give preference to people we know over people we don’t.

Of course. Our mission is to volunteers and those who lead them. You definitely fall under “those who lead them.” You’ll find all the practical ministry skills that you didn’t get in seminary here!

We are hoping to have some men join our leadership team soon. When we began in 2019, our audience was women. Since then we’ve opened several of our conferences and The Small Church Academy to men, and we are still catching up!

Yep! Our live conferences are totally free to attend, and we plan on keeping them that way! We sell conference replays and bonuses to help cover our ministry expenses, but the live conference is absolutely, completely, 100% free.

It costs more to have a website and an email list than most people think! We’ve got to pay our bills somehow. We sell resources to cover our costs as well as the people that keep everything running!