The Support You Want. The Confidence You Need. And Ideas that Actually Work.

  • Do you need more volunteers?
  • Creative ideas that spark joy?
  • Resources that actually work in your small church?

Throw in some inspiration and support to keep it all going … and that’s what you’ll find here!

I started The Creative Little Church because the resources we need as Christian Women in Small Churches simply aren’t out there.

Reality #1:

Most Americans worship in Small Churches like yours and mine.

  • But only 10% of resources help small churches.
  • Most church resources are written BY and FOR large churches, and their ideas don’t apply.

Reality #2:

Women make up the vast majority of service hours in churches.

  • But very few resources address the uniqueness of Women in Small Churches.
  • Most church resources are written BY and FOR men. 

So here’s a community that addresses needs of Christian Women in Small Churches.

Ideas, training, and encouragement for working with …

Women in Small Churches

Click here for: Addressing unique challenges and unexpected joys of Women in Ministry, whether you are Paid or Unpaid, Seen or Unseen.


Click here for: Finding, training, and keeping them – with lots of fun and no guilt

Children & Youth

Click here for: Developing a deeply-rooted kids’ ministry specific to the culture of a small church


Click here for: Tips, ideas, and service orders for smaller teams in an inter-generational setting


Click here for: Designing environments and drawing people to worship with all 5 senses.

I’ve been where you are.

  • You need to find more volunteers
  • You want to be a better leader
  • You have a big dream for your small church

AND ideas you find don’t fit your SMALL church reality:

  • of having only 6 kids in your whole church
  • when your volunteers consist mostly of your relatives
  • and you don’t have a much of a budget.


My name is Laurie.

I’ve been a ministry leader for 30 years, 20 of those in small churches. I try a lot, fail a lot, and succeed a lot too. I have transformed ministries, discovered leaders in hiding, and sparked many fires (both good and bad).

I’ve led small groups, energized worship, started new teams and supported others. I’m visionary, persistent, and I don’t quit easily. I love the old and the new, the vintage and the modern. I’ve seen God work through traditions of the past and the dreams of the present.

I’m a pastor’s wife, a working mom, and a fan of a monk named Fenelon. I love power tools, Arizona sunshine, and entertaining with plastic silverware.

I believe the small church is uniquely positioned to provide grace, mercy, salvation, and community.

I hope you find a home on this site where:

  • Small churches are celebrated.
  • Struggles are addressed and answered.
  • Perspectives are changed and dreams re-ignited.

Looking forward to the journey, 

Laurie Acker

Whether you are seen or unseen, paid or unpaid, staff or volunteer,

You ARE an influence.