Are you a Worship Leader looking for inspirational videos to add to your Easter Worship Service?

Tired of hunting through masses of Worship Videos looking for the perfect fit?

Here are Favorite Videos for Easter Worship. I’ll also share tips on where to place your video in the worship order so it flows with purpose. And how to save money by repurposing and recycling them!


#1 SON OF MAN, Dan Stevers. 2:54.

This is a powerful mini movie by Dan Stevers. He is one of my favorite producers. Anything by Dan Stevers gets my interest. And usually my credit card too!

This video commands attention and emotion with a creatively animated story line.

It’s a visual narrative of Christ’s Journey to the Cross. Images of Christ’s ministry are interspersed throughout, adding depth and context to the message. Resisting Satan’s Temptation. Calming the Sea. Healing the Blind Man. Calling Lazarus.

The graphics are gripping. The visual narrative compelling.

The video is backed by a simple musical soundtrack and effects, including Muted Voices. Steps on the journey. A Thunderstorm.

Perfectly placed. Moving.

After I pay $20 for a video I really hope to use it more than once. I played this video standalone in the past.

I recently repurposed it by muting the sound and pairing it with a live acoustic solo of How Deep the Father’s Love For Us, written by Stuart Townend. It synchronized beautifully.

Creative Flow Idea:

Son of Man provides a great intro to the worship song, “We Believe.” As the video fades, play the intro chords as a seamless transition. Vocally beginning with the chorus is powerful …

“We Believe in God the Father … We believe in Jesus Christ …”

If you don’t know this song, you need to look it up! (We Believe, recorded by The Newsboys. Written by Matthew Hooper, Richie Fike, Travis Ryan.) It is a perfect pairing!

#2 EASTER SUNDAY PSALM 118, Skit Guys Studio. 2:28

If you are not a fan of the Skit Guys, please don’t skip this! I rarely use any Skit Guys videos. Their quirky humor doesn’t resonate in our congregation. In fact, I was surprised to see their name attached to this Scripture Video of Psalm 118.

This video is a simple written psalm with background music.

It mixes interesting images, mostly nature, flowing behind the words.

Honestly, I’m not in love with all the visual choices, but gosh I love Scripture. Straight up. Pure and Holy Scripture. That’s why this made my list!

We purchased it in the set of 9 videos, Psalms for Lent III.

There’s a bit of variety. Some gloomier. Some reflective. Others more hopeful. Perfect for the Lenten Season.

Creative Tip:

We like to incorporate scripture reading as a worship element on Sundays. Especially during Lent and Advent.

Sadly, when someone is at a podium reading, worshipers sometimes disengage. Some of us need more to focus on. These words backed by the beautiful visuals provided a great solution!

Psalms for Lent III was our reading element for the entire Lenten Season. Using one Psalm video each week, I lined up a reader. With a cordless mic, the reader spoke from her seat as the verse scrolled across the screen.

It created a personal narration. Not stilted or cheesy like some recorded voices we’ve all experienced! Combining a familiar voice with the onscreen visuals was effective and moving.

#3 HE’S STILL RISEN, Igniter Media. 1:35

I LOVE this video. I admit I got teary the first time I watched it. And the second. Okay, every time I see it I get teary. It is really simple with little narration.

He’s Still Risen, by Igniter Media, features various people receiving a text message. But the camera isn’t focused on the text. Instead, it captures the pure, raw emotion of the receiver.

It starts as Curiosity. Then Surprise. And Complete Elation. Unbelievable Joy.

Different demographics. Different ages. Different parts of the world. “The Grave is Empty. HE IS RISEN!”

This video is emotional. Bright. Light. Joy-Giving.

It does have a hallmark feel to it, or if you remember Mastercard’s  “priceless’ commercial campaign. But I can’t help it. LOVE IT!

Even as I type, I smile remembering the joy on their faces.

Oh that we could experience an ounce of that! And not live in a clouded stupor of stress and clamoring. I need to go watch it again.

Creative Flow Tip:

This is an ideal worship opener but only if your worshipers come on time. Otherwise I would be so sad that people miss it.

As our church is a community of late-comers, we placed it a few songs in as a lead into our Meet & Greet. During this time people leave their seats to go share some handshakes or a hug.

He’s Still Risen is a great start to sharing the joy of the resurrection with those around you in worship!

#4 VOICES OF THE CROSS, Dan Stevers. 1:58

As usual, Dan Stevers brings a thoughtful twist in this Easter video, Voices of the Cross. This mini movie is darker, in actual color as well as mood.

As the video progresses, the camera focus moves closer and closer to the massive round stone covering the tomb.

Voices are heard. The voices of those who walked with Jesus.

A harsh voice of accusation. A weeping voice of hopeless loss. The voices build to an emotional crescendo and then the screen blackens.

And Silence.

We sit in darkness for a few long seconds. Then … scripture. How I love scripture!

Hope has arrived. Light streams in. The stone slowly rolls away.

This video gives context. Easter needs context.

There is no way to truly live in the resurrection without journeying through the suffering.

Creative Flow Tip:

A thoughtful prayer is a great lead-in to this video.

It is best policy to send the video ahead of time to whoever is praying. That way they can be part of the intentional flow as we blend worship elements together.

After Voices of the Cross, we sang Amazing Grace. It is a sweet choice, whether Traditional Hymn or contemporary Amazing Grace (my chains are gone).

A capella or full band. The truth of the song speaks regardless.

#5 HE ROSE, James Grocho. 3:12

The strength of this video is the dynamic narration. Some of the best narration I’ve heard on WorshipHouseMedia.

The writing is inspired. The narration breathtaking.

So many narrated videos take me back to stilted recordings of an old PBS documentary. Void of emotion. Drab in rendition.

Not so with James Grocho in He Rose.

The story line is similar to the Son of Man, by Dan Stevers. But while the Son of Man has no narration, here the story is told with words.

This journey to the Cross is told through the perspective of a disciple, who didn’t just see Jesus from afar.

But walked with Him as a friend. Experiencing his miracles. His claims. His shocking death.

And then …


If you have never seen this one, give yourself a gift today and check it out!

Creative Repurpose and Flow Tip:

I will be using this in the future as an audio-only. I picture a blackened screen. And an invitation to close my eyes. To imagine myself in the place of this disciple.

Follow this with the song, This I Believe (the creed).” Begin with the chorus singing, “I believe in God Our Father. I believe in Christ the Son…”

(This I Believe (the creed), recorded by Hillsong. Written by Ben Fielding and Matt Crocker)

#6 DOUBTING EASTER, Igniter Media. 2:32.

Not dramatic. Not emotional. Doubting Easter by Igniter Media engages the intellect on a different level.

It is a simple narrative of the Doubting Disciple, Thomas. The visual is a muted piece of art being created as the screen scrolls.

It confronts the common reality of our doubting minds and hearts.

How hard it is to believe in what is unseen.

This video makes my top 6 because it is just real. It deals with the human issue of doubt.

We don’t address doubt much on Easter. Easter is usually a celebrative Sunday. Happy. Joy. And Easter Lilies.

In all truth, Easter Sunday is one of the highest visited worship services of the year. Filled with many unchurched, pre-churched, and even anti-church. Often dragged by relatives.

Ironically, the Sunday we set aside to Celebrate the RISEN Christ, is the Sunday the church is filled with the most doubters!

So thank you, Igniter Media, for addressing a need with Doubting Easter! It’s on my list this year.

Creative Flow Tip:

This is very mellow. I’m not feeling this one leading into a song. We will lead into it with scripture and follow it with prayer.


Being in a small church, we don’t have the resources to make our own movies. We create some simple scrolling words and the occasional slideshow of VBS highlights. But other than that, we purchase.

When I want a meaningful worship video I head to WorshipHouseMedia.

WorshipHouseMedia is my main resource for worship videos. I find a good variety of videos here from quite a few producers.

The site has a great Search Bar! You can search by topic, keyword, genre (humor, inspirational, etc.), or producer.

They also organize their videos in easy categories for Mini Movies, Countdowns, and Still/Motion Backgrounds, and Others.

Their Mini Movies are videos with a message. Usually 1-3 minutes long.

  • some are straight scripture
  • some are theme-related
  • some are narrated
  • some are visuals with music only

If you don’t have a bottomless budget, I’m with you.

Most of the vidoes cost $15 -20 each which can really add up in the worship scene. Especially in a small church with a small budget.

WorshipMediaHouse occasionally offers sales. If you pay attention you may get some great videos half off.

Because of the cost, I use videos mostly during Lent and Advent and on occasion throughout the year. I recycle, repurpose and reuse videos when I can.

Ideas to repurpose videos used in the past:

  • Mute the video and play it behind a special vocal solo for emphasis.
  • Use a video with written scripture as a congregational reading.
  • If you choose to re-play a video, make sure you leave enough time in between viewings so your worshipers don’t feel like you have the REPEAT button set.


My goal in worship is always to create a full service order with a natural flow of all the elements.

I try to avoid Worship Whiplash!

This happens pretty easily when stringing a bunch of worship elements together. The mood is thrown. A reflective mood interrupted by announcements, for example.

Great Worship Leaders create intentional flow. Carefully consider what is before and after each element.

I like to run through the whole service including transitions before taking it to practice with the worship team.

With videos, I’ve found it even more important to intentionally work the flow of elements.

A great effect for using videos is overlapping a worship song at the end of a video. Or flowing a worship song or prayer directly into a video.

If someone has to announce a video or point the worshipers’ attention to the screen, it interrupts the worship atmosphere. Try to avoid that.

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