Mix and Match These 8 Event Reminder Ideas for Extra Impact!

Here is a list of 8 event promotion ideas to help the people in your small church remember your ministry event and guarantee they show up!

“What? There was an event? When? Was it announced?”

Who’s been there?

Either you missed out or you planned an event and then heard these words.

Most women love events. We are emotional, social creatures who need our sisters in Christ. However, we are busy, busy with things that we may forget. According to automizy.com, event reminders are as important as event invitations.

To make sure that your women’s event is remembered, check out these 8 Event Promotion Ideas:

8 Event Promotion Ideas for Small Churches

1. Personal Reminder Cards

Don’t you love receiving “fun mail”? A personal reminder card is a delight to receive and will make your women’s day!

The receiver knows that you took the time to write out a message, address the envelope and mail this special note.

A reminder message can be something as simple as, “I’m so excited that you will be joining our group for Bible study on {date} {time} at {location}. We will be blessed by your attendance.” Always make sure you reiterate the pertinent information.

Small churches can save money on postage by hand delivering the cards either at church or door-to-door if funds are really tight.

Cards don’t have to be expensive!

Here are some ways to save money on cards:

  • Use/make postcards. Not only are they cheaper, but the postage will be cheaper.
  • Find a pack of blank cards at your nearest discount store.
  • Make cards on your computer. Between Microsoft Office or Canva, making your own cards is easy!
  • Ask the children in your church to make blank cards. Wouldn’t the women love to get a card made by a child?
  • Have a card-making night at church with the women and use them for your women’s ministry.

2. Bulletin Announcements for the Non-Techy & Newbie

Not everyone has a smart device or computer in your congregation. For that group, bulletin announcements will cover that base.

Small churches might not have a lot of announcements and upcoming events could be verbally highlighted at the end/beginning of the service.

Make sure to include all the basic information, including “See {contact person} for more information.”

If this is possible, any new women have the opportunity to put a face with the name of who they need to talk to. If your contact person is too shy to speak about the event, just ask them to raise their hand when the “go-to name” is announced. 

The bonus to a bulletin reminder is that this can initiate a personal conversation with a new person who is interested in an event.

New people don’t always share their personal information right away or aren’t plugged into your e-address book or online platforms. An event announcement could very well pique the interest of a new attendee or visitor.

I’ve had this happen at my church.

A new female attendee was interested in an upcoming bible study. She sought me out after I commented on the announcement. We had a quick conversation, shared contact information, and voila! She is now a regular attendee who participates in many events. 

3. Eye-Catching Flyers

Flyers are an eye-catching way to keep events fresh in people’s minds.

Canva.com is my best friend when it comes to creating flyers!

With templates galore, a professional-looking flyer can be made in minutes for free. Just insert your text and photos (either theirs or upload your own).

You may use another tool to create flyers, as there are many to choose from.

Once your beautiful, informative creation is printed, you can place your flyers on the back of the ladies’ bathroom doors, hand them out individually, mail them, or have a stack in your information area.

Because we’re all part of a small church and won’t need to print many, it shouldn’t cost much to print them yourself on your church printer or at a local print shop. 

4. Reminder Apps

So many apps, so many choices.

Communication apps can serve as an effective way to get your reminder out fast.

One choice is the Remind App.

School groups aren’t the only use for the “Remind” app. Churches can utilize this tool for free, as well.

Remind has many features such as:

  • Create different “classes” for various groups
  • Use push notifications so that the receiver doesn’t need to download the app
  • The receiver can reply to RSVP or given any needed information

I love to use this app to remind those signed up to bring snacks, or if there is a schedule change.

For example, “Bad road conditions, group is canceled tonight.”

Use this tool a few days ahead, the morning of, or the night before an event, if it’s early the next day.

Small churches usually have small groups, so Remind groups are stress-free to manage.

5. Social Media Promotion

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, oh my!!

Social media is taking the world by storm and can be an efficient way to get the word out.

You may want to create a social media group just for your women’s ministry. (Because not everyone has a social media account, this one shouldn’t be used exclusively.)

However, social media can be a creative, fun way to keep the momentum alive with GIFs, emojis, or your own photos.

Be sure to…

  • Promote your event by posting a picture or GIF along with the reminder (it’s a great wayto get people’s attention).
  • Repost your event several times, use different fonts, colors, and pictures to keep it fresh.
  • Ask the group what they are looking forward to by attending this event or other questions, this will keep the event alive and in their minds.

6. E-mail Promotion

Not everyone participates in social media, so e-mail can keep your specific group communicating all in one place.

Small churches have the advantage of having small groups of people. Keeping an email list of different groups saves time in sending out quick reminder emails for any event.

If a group of women signed up for a mission opportunity, set up an email group just for them. When the day gets close, say a few days, send out a reminder of the event, time, and place to meet. 

Because many people have a plethora of unread emails in their inbox, make your email subject heading stand out! It should be very clear what the email is about.

For example: {Church name} Jamaican Mission Trip!

If you just write “Info,” the reminder email may be skimmed over.

Here is a fun tip! Unless you want your group to respond to the other email recipients, type your email in the “To:” line and BCC the rest of the group. If someone accidentally hits “respond all”, but only wants to respond to you, only you will receive it. 

Keep your reminder email friendly, but concise. Wordy emails can cause readers to skim through them, and any important information may be missed.

If you want to ensure that significant information is noticed, use the bold feature on certain words or phrases.

7. A Church Website is a One-Stop Event Promotion

Does your church or your women’s ministry have a website?

If not, there are many free website builders to choose from.

Small churches equal small budgets and free is the way to go.

A women’s ministry website allows your activities to be all in one place, serving as a one-stop place to keep events in the forefront of your women’s minds.

Make sure you talk about your website, often. Refer to the website for more information about a planned event.

Post your website information on your church’s website and social media page. Add your website in your signature to any church email communication.

A printable calendar on your website would be a helpful event reminder. Display events 4-6 months out so attendees can “save the date” for that special event. 

8. Phone Call

“Nobody uses the phone,” says my teenage daughter. Maybe some don’t, but phone calls can be a personal avenue to remind women of an upcoming event.

For events that don’t have a registration deadline, this may be the catalyst for an undecided person to attend the event.

A personal invitation shows women that you really do want them to attend.

This is also an opening for your caller to ask questions or share any concerns about the event.

Taking the time to speak to them and answer questions may be just what they need to decide to show up.

Because our groups are small, you may be able to call them all yourself or divide your women into lists for your team members to share in the fun!

Whatever tool you decide on, these event promotion ideas can all get the job done!

BUT don’t just choose 1 or 2!

Use 3 or 4 or more promotion ideas to make sure your event stays recent and fresh in the mind of your attendees.

You worked so hard to plan, gather materials, seek out volunteers, send out invites, don’t let this last step slip.


Reminders work and will be so much appreciated by your attendees. You will have the number of participants you planned for!


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