Everyone feels stuck now and then. The ability to get Unstuck is what sets you apart in ministry and in life. This one tip can make a difference.

  • Are you in a rut?
  • Facing the unsolvable?
  • Not sure where to start?

Feeling Stuck is no good. It leads to depression, unhealthy relationships, and low achievement.

So let’s get unstuck.


The Avenue to New Ideas and New Options

Creativity isn’t really about art. It’s about your brain.

You cannot get Unstuck without a new idea.

That’s Creativity.

And there is always a way out. A solution. Another side to the coin.

We see it in every success story. The rags-to-riches American Dream is based on the ability to get Unstuck.

People Who Get Unstuck Learn How to Tap into Creativity

Everyone feels stuck now and then. It’s completely human.

The people who get Unstuck are the ones who learn how to tap into their creativity. They find a solution to try. A forward step to take.

That is creativity.

I am in awe of the complexity of the human body, the intricacies of the mind, and the biology behind so much of what we take for granted.

And the reality is, we all have this gift. God-given creativity.

Right now, as you sit there feeling stuck, you just need to pull back the covers.

While I could pass on 25 facts, 14 tips, 9 habits, and more – all helping to improve your creativity – I’m giving you just one today.


It’s a practical tip that fits in your day-to-day rhythm. Almost anyone can do it right now. Wherever you are. If you just have 30 minutes.

If you are feeling stuck in any area:

  • ministry
  • parenting
  • business
  • writing
  • problem-solving

… try this.

Break a Sweat

Go for a jog, a brisk walk, jump rope, or do jumping jacks.

It’s your choice. Just do some type of cardiovascular exercise. 30 minutes is ideal.

The Result of Cardiovascular Exercise is Increased Creativity Lasting for Several Hours

If you are tempted to reject this tip as simplistic (and it is anything BUT), conduct your own experiment.

30 minutes could improve your creativity multiple times over and give you more original thought than you imagine.

If there is any chance this could be true, would it be worth your 30 minutes?


  • Creativity expert, PhD Keith Sawyer, says it like this: “Physical activity gets your mind into the bodily experience, so that subconscious connections can pop up.”  (Check out Keith Sawyer‘s blog to hear it from the scientist.)
  • My paraphrase: Your logical left brain is in a constant state of noise. One way to get it to shut up is to break a sweat! Then your creative right brain can come out to play.

So, feel better AND increase your value to the world: Go for a run!


Depending on if you read every word or if you skimmed the headings here, you just spent 1-5 minutes with me. And I promised you could increase your creative juices in 30 minutes or less.

So stop reading, and go do it.

The Clock is Ticking. Go!

What is your experience in getting Unstuck? How do you tap into your creativity? I’d love to hear what works for you. (after you go for a run, of course!)


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