Welcome back for 3 new worship songs for Worship Leaders of Small Churches. New songs each month: fast, medium, and slow. All do-able, sing-able & relate-able.

Let me save you time by weeding out worship songs that require big worship bands, a huge vocal range, and don’t relate to intergenerational congregations!

Check back each month for 3 more options to choose from.

Included in the mix are tips for developing your worship team, ideas for transitions, and greater context of the songs themselves.

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#1 GOD SO LOVED by We The Kingdom

  • CCLI Song # 7138599
  • Andrew Bergthold | Ed Cash | Franni Cash | Martin Cash | Scott Cash
  • My Chosen Singable Key: E
  • 2019

This song is not speedy, but it is clap-able. That puts it in my FAST song category. 

We the Kingdom brings a Hipster Feel to John 3:16

With the hipster feel, a catchy beat, and gorgeous clear harmonies, this song is a winner. 

GOD SO LOVED is easy to play and you will be totally fine with or without a drum set. 

Set a percussionist on congas, the cajon, or even a simple shaker and enjoy.

Watch the band perform this song to learn this one! 

GOD SO LOVED Hints at the Classic Doxology

Whether your worshipers are used to joining in to sing the traditional Doxology or not, this short “hymn to God” peeks out in the bridge of this song:

Praise God – Praise God

From whom all blessings flow

Praise Him – Praise Him

For the wonders of His love

Transition from GOD SO LOVED into Communion or Prayer

Listen to how We the Kingdom ends this song on the video above, and you will hear a great lead in to Communion or Prayer. With a smooth a cappella slow down, it’s a perfect transition for quieter elements of worship.

Bring all your failures, bring your addictions 

Come lay them down at the foot of the cross 

Jesus is waiting, God so loved the world 

This song is done so well. 

How much better can worship get than taking a foundational scripture (John 3:16), tossing in a bit of the Doxology, and calling us to “Come to the Table”?

#2 THE GOD WHO STAYS by Matthew West

  • CCLI SONG # 7135144
  • AJ Pruis | Jonathan Smith | Matthew West
  • My Chosen Singable Key: G
  • 2019

THE GOD WHO STAYS is Too New To Be On Song Select

If you follow my song picks, you know my church is a paid member of Song Select. It’s where I find my chord charts, my CCLI info, and transpose everything I need into the right key.

However, at the time of this writing, THE GOD WHO STAYS is not yet up on SongSelect. I’m sure it will be there soon. But until then, you can find the chords by clicking here: Ultimate Guitar Tabs.

Ultimate Guitar Tabs is a free resource with easy clicks to transpose into different keys for easier playing and more singable vocal ranges. For this song, I transpose it into G.

Do Your Worship Songs Focus More on God, or on Us?

I love worship. I love singing directly to God. Pouring out my heart and telling Him how awesome He is, declaring what a great God He is! For many worship leaders, this is the only true “praise & worship.” 

However, I think there is so much depth of worship in realizing our failings that I think worship singing can include both.

The realization of why we need God and how He comes to our rescue can be a beautiful component on Sunday mornings.

The verses of this song are very focused on our failings. However, the chorus of this song is the core. And so full of truth that we need to hold on to. I’m loving this song the more I hear it.


You’re the God who stays – You’re the God who stays

You’re the one who runs in my direction

When the whole world walks away

You’re the God who stands – With wide open arms

And you tell me nothing I have ever done

Can separate my heart – From the God who stays

Watch Out for Worship Whiplash in Song Transitions

If you are in charge of lining up your worship order, always be careful of “Worship Whiplash.”

Worship Whiplash happens anytime your worshipers get thrown out of one mode into another. This whiplash can happen with tempo, like going straight from fast to slow with no transition, or with meaning or mood.

With song lyrics, pay close attention to the lyrics one song ends on and the next begins.

As worship leaders, our job is to lead, which implies direction. And instead of zig-zagging from one subject to the next, it’s more effective to lead people straight ahead to the heart of God.

Because THE GOD WHO STAYS starts with a heavy self-focus, it would be a mistake to go from a place of deep worship like, “What a Beautiful Name it is, the Name of Jesus Christ my Lord …” and head into this one.

Doing that could throw someone’s heart from a focus on God, to a focus on self.

However, coming into worship, most of us are focused on self and we need to be led into a focus on God. That’s where a song like THE GOD WHO STAYS comes in.

For our church, THE GOD WHO STAYS, would be a great song for offering, which in our worship line up is a stand-alone song. Or after announcements when we need our focus to return, we could begin with this and then go deeper into worship with Bethel’s “Goodness of God.”

But whether you use this song for congregational worship, or just add it to your personal playlist, I hope these words soak into your spirit.

The truth of our amazing God who does not give up on us, does not walk away, and, in fact, runs in our direction despite our unworthiness!

Thank you Matthew West for another heart-gripping reminder of THE GOD WHO STAYS.

#3 IT IS SO by Elevation Worship

  • CCLI Song # 7124943
  • Steven Furtick | Chris Brown | Tiffany Hammer | Brian Johnson
  • My Chosen Singable Key: D
  • 2018

IT IS SO is a Pretty, Slow Song to Add to Your Mix

It is lilting, sweet, and has a familiar tune. If you have a keyboard, choose a voice that is a bit muted and sustained to fill in with easy chording.

IT IS SO Leads Naturally Into a Time of Prayer  

I’m always looking for ways to connect elements of worship that make sense and build into each other.

This song leads into a perfect time of prayer. For even more connection, try sandwiching a prayer time in the middle of the song.

To do this, first lead your worshipers in the verses and chorus


By Your stripes I am healed

With one touch I am made whole

You have spoken – And I know that it is so

In the storm You are peace

And Your love won’t let me go

You have spoken – And I know that it is so

Before singing the Bridge, offer a time of prayer.

Whether this is silent prayer, or you are in a worship setting where people can come up front for laying on of hands, adding the element of prayer here is a beautiful fit.

Continue soflty playing the musical accompaniment during your prayer time.

Then after prayer time, invite your worshiper to stand and join in the BRIDGE:

Your word is settled in heaven

It will be done Father let it be done

Yours is the kingdom forever

Your will be done let it be done

Ending with the Bridge of IT IS SO is basically wrapping up with the final section of the Lord’s Prayer from Matthew 6.

Let Your will be done. 

Remember, Worship Deepens with Familiar Worship Songs

Familiar songs typically lead to deeper worship. As your worshipers feel confident in what’s coming next, the lyrics and the tune, they can forget about themselves and get lost in worship.

So, if you are wanting to sandwich a prayer time in this song, introduce the song ahead of time.

Sing it for offering one Sunday. And then another time. By then, the song will be familiar enough for a deeper time of prayer. 

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